Evotis Volume 3 - Spillover

Evotis Volume 3 - Spillover (www.evotis.org)

Evotis Volume 3 - Spillover (www.evotis.org)

The UC Davis One Health Institute team just released the new Evotis, a quarterly publication. 

"Volume 3 of Evotis explores diseases of pandemic potential, and how they are passed between humans and wildlife. It’s easy to “focus on all of the doomsday scenarios,” Dr. Jonna Mazet writes in this volume, but it’s also a time of great progress and opportunity. "

The work in this volume is part of USAID's PREDICT Project, and there is some great content from articles to video on PREDICT from sample collection to viral detection.

HALI's Director Jonna Mazet wrote the feature article Halting pandemics before they start, and David Wolking provides a snap shot of life with the HALI and PREDICT Tanzania team and collaborative engagement in When spillover is a good thing.

Finally, our favorite lab manager and molecular biologist Brett Smith narrates a really great video on what viral detection actually is, as we follow a sample through processing to viral testing in the UC Davis One Health Institute lab.

Check it out at www.evotis.org.