Is the Buffalo Population Declining in Ruaha National Park?

The HALI project collared about 10 buffalo in Ruaha National Park in 2014 in hopes of learning more about where the herds go throughout the year. We sat down with David Wolking (the guy who used to helm this blog) to talk about the project a few weeks ago as part of the One Health Institute’s monthly radio show. Listen to our conversation below. 

The African buffalo population is thought to be declining in the park, which is at the transition zone of Miombo Woodlands and southern African Acacia Savanna. The buffalo are known to migrate quite a distance, but nobody knows exactly were they go, how far they go, or how the population changes over time. 

Are disease implications playing a role? Possibly. 

That’s what long-time UC Davis postdoctoral researcher Annette Roug, who is leading the project, hopes to find out. We’ll follow the movement of the buffalo as data is gathered, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated in this space, so check back. 

-- Justin Cox