Field Diary: Admiring the Human-Animal Interface

This field blog is written by Kelley Pascoe, who recently traveled to Tanzania with HALI Co-Directors Jonna Mazet and Woutrina Smith. Read more about Kelley

January 29, 2015

Mikumi National Park was teeming with wildlife in the early morning hours as the team headed from Morogoro to Ifakara. While passing through the National Park the team was lucky enough to see twiga (giraffes), tembo (elephants), swala (impala), punda milia (zebras), nyati (water buffalo), and nyani (baboons). 

Mikumi was also the first sighting of the human and animal interface and interaction as a herd of elephants stalled traffic on the highway. As Goodluck said, the plethora of wildlife was a good sign for the rest of the day’s activities!