Field Diary: Home Sweet Home

This field blog is written by Kelley Pascoe, who recently traveled to Tanzania with HALI Co-Directors Jonna Mazet and Woutrina Smith. Read more about Kelley

January 31, 2015

The HALI family has finally made it home to their field station and office in Iringa. After familiarizing our new members with the Iringa HALI home and facilities, the team headed out into the surrounding villages to continue their assessment of local clinics. These clinics are in communities that have, historically, had RVFV and Brucella cases and that also have high levels of human and livestock interaction. Some of the clinics the team visited were previously used in UC Davis’ studies involving Tuberculosis and were ready to collaborate on new research projects. A quick thank you to the clinics and professionals who work in them for taking the time to show us your facilities.