Goodluck Paul Investigates Bovine Tuberculosis at the Human-Animal-Environmental Interface

Goodluck Paul is a research scientist with the HALI Project and a 2010 graduate of SUA’s Veterinary Medicine program.

As a student, Goodluck gained research experience by completing a special project, investigating the prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in a modern abattoir in his home region of Dodoma. Goodluck joined the HALI Project as a veterinary field coordinator and researcher with the NIH TB Project, and he is currently finishing his masters degree at SUA with TB Project Support. 

The NIH project examines disease ecology and transmission dynamics of bovine tuberculosis at the human-animal-enviroment interface in rural areas. Goodluck is also interested in other zoonoses of public health importance and is currently coordinating One Health field activities with HALI's new Rift Valley Fever and Brucella (R&B) project.