New publication: Poultry Skills for Improving Rural Livelihoods

Our colleagues at the UC Davis One Health Institute just released an amazing resource for improving health and rural livelihoods all over the world and for budding backyard chicken enthusiasts. The book: Poultry Skills for Improving Rural Livelihoods was developed as a manual for teaching primary and secondary school students how to care for and grow flocks for improved nutrition and other benefits. The book is a really cool collaborative between UC Davis, partners at Heifer International in Nepal, and Tanzania collaborators from Sokoine University of Agriculture.

We piloted the poultry skills school program in Tanzania and Nepal. This Teacher’s Manual is a product of that pilot project. This manual provides all of the technical background and lesson plans for primary school administrators and teachers to implement a program to teach poultry skills to children. The lessons cover both classroom and school yard activities. We wish you the best in your efforts to improve the production of chickens and eggs — a very important source of family nutrition and income throughout the world.