Why are buffalo populations declining in Tanzania's Ruaha National Park?

In 2014, HALI partnered with the Safari Club International Foundation (SCI) and teamed up with Tanzania National Park staff to investigate reports of buffalo population declines in Ruaha National Park.  SCI just released a story about our work on their blog First For Wildlife, and we are excited to highlight an excerpt below, along with video captured by our team and Dr. Annette Roug.

African buffalo, also known as Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer), are an extremely valuable species to hunters as one of Africa’s traditional “Big Five” game species. So when reports started coming in of buffalo declines occurring in Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park, everyone became concerned. In 2014, SCI Foundation partnered with the Health for Animals and Livelihood Improvement (HALI) project, a joint effort of University of California Davis researchers and the Tanzanian government; to better understand the ecology of buffalo in Ruaha and the disease issues that may be affecting the population.


Check out the full story Drying Ruaha River Possibly Contributes to Buffalo Decline at First For Wildlife