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Peer Reviewed Publications

2016     Boma to banda – A disease sentinel concept for reduction of diarrhoea (Pastoralism) - Authors: Wolking, Clifford, Kelly, Kamani, Smith, Kazwala, Mazet. 

2016    Advancing the ‘One Health’ workforce by integrating ecosystem health practice into veterinary medical education: The Envirovet Summer Institute (Health Education Journal) - Authors: Schwind, Gilardi, Beasley, Mazet, Smith.  

2016      Demographics and parasites of African buffalo (Syncerus caffer Sparrman, 1779) in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania (African Journal of Ecology) - Authors: Roug, Muse, Smith, Mazet, Kazwala, Harvey, Paul, Meing’ataki, Banga, and Clifford).

2015      Educating pastoralists and extension officers on diverse livestock diseases in a changing climate in Tanzania (Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice) - Authors: Gustafson, VanWormer, Kazwala, Makweta, Paul, Smith, and Mazet.

2014    Stakeholders in One Health (Revue scientifique et technique – Office international des epizooties) - Authors: Mazet, Uhart, Keyyu.

2014    Utility of a fecal real-time PCR protocol for detection of Mycobacterium bovis infection in African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) (Journal of Wildlife Diseases) – Authors: Roug, Geoghegan, Wellington, Miller, Travis, Porter, Cooper, Clifford, Mazet, Parsons.

2014    Evaluation of local media surveillance for improved disease recognition and monitoring in global hotspot regions (PLoS ONE) – Authors: Schwind, Wolking, Brownstein, PREDICT Consortium, Mazet, Smith. 

2014      Comparison of intervention methods for reducing human exposure to Mycobacterium bovis through milk in pastoralist households of Tanzania (Preventive Veterinary Medicine) - Authors: Roug, Perez, Mazet, Clifford, VanWormer, Paul, Kazwala, and Smith.

2014      Spatial predictors of bovine tuberculosis infection and Brucella spp. exposure in pastoralist and agropastoralist livestock herds in the Ruaha ecosystem of Tanzania (Trop Anim Health Prod) - Authors: Roug, Clifford, Mazet, Kazwala, John, Coppolillo, and Smith.

2013      Integrating the Management of Ruaha Landscape of Tanzania with Local Needs and Preferences (Environmental Management) - Authors: Masozera, Erickson, Clifford, Coppolillo, Sadiki, and Mazet.  

2013      Tuberculosis infection in wildlife from the Ruaha ecosystem Tanzania: implications for wildlife, domestic animals, and human health  (Epidemiology & Infection) - Authors: Clifford, Kazwala, Sadiki, Roug, Muse, Coppolillo, and Mazet.

2009    A “One Health” Approach to Address Emerging Zoonoses: The HALI Project in Tanzania (PLOS Medicine) - Authors: Mazet, Clifford, Coppolillo, Deolalikar, Erickson, and Kazwala.


HALI Pastoralist Livestock Health Manual [English]

HALI Pastoralist Livestock Health Manual [Kiswahili]

Wildlife Health Handbook: Guide to Recognizing, Investigating, and Reporting Diseases of Concern for Wildlife Conservation and Human Health...  An interactive guide and educational/training resource for protected area rangers, scouts, and others working with wildlife or eco-tourism

Click here for the Kiswahili translation of the Wildlife Health Handbook... 

Global Livestock CRSP Research Briefs

10-01-HALI: New Medicine for Emerging Zoonoses: Reducing Disease Risk at Human-Animal Interfaces in Tanzania Using a One Health Approach

10-02-HALI: Integrating the Management of the Ruaha Landscape of Tanzania with Local Needs and Preferences

10-03-HALI: Fecal Pathogen Pollution in Surface Waters of the Ruaha Ecosystem, Tanzania

10-04-HALI: Public Health and Rural Livelihoods under Water Scarcity in the Ruaha Landscape, Tanzania

10-05-HALI: Calf Diarrhea and Public Health: Herd and Household Exposure to Cryptosporidium and Giardia in the Ruaha Landscape, Tanzania (coming soon)

09-01-HALI: Landscape Factors Associated with Livestock Disease Deaths in Idodi and Pawaga Divisions, Tanzania

09-02-HALI: Building Human Capacity to Solve Ecosystem Health Challenges in Developing Countries

09-03-HALI: Capturing Women’s Voices: Socioeconomics and Gender-Roles in Pastoralist Households in the Ruaha Landscape, Tanzania

08-01-HALI: Evaluating and Managing Zoonotic Disease Risk in Rural Tanzania

08-02-HALI: The Unintended Consequences of Development Assistance: The Case of Usangu in Tanzania

08-03-HALI: Innovative Approaches to Evaluate Household Health and Livelihoods in Pastoral and Agropastoral Communities

Outreach Materials

Making research relevant to our stakeholders, HALI develops innovative communication platforms including radio, TV, printed posters, calendars, brochures, and comics.